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18893Re: Batteries not charging

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  • khawn
    Jul 25 7:29 AM
      Sorry it took so long to update you.  My neighbor checked out my mower with his trusty volt tester.  He diagnosed the problem as a bad battery.  All of the other connections had continuity, so he ruled that out.  Well, I took my battery pack down to the battery shop and they ran their diagnostics on the batteries and found out that neither one of the batteries were worth a flip.  So, I walked out $130 poorer.  After putting the batteries back into the machine I plugged up the charger.   I was still getting an error message about "check the power".  I hooked up the new charger that I ordered and got the same message.  After that I went back to the old charger and "Waala" it started charging.  It has been charging now for two days, so I turned it loose in he back yard and now I will see how long it will run with the new batteries. 

      I hope my problem is fixed.  Robby was just on the verge of going to the junk heap.

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