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18717RL550 Startup problem

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  • thin_men
    Apr 27, 2014

      Hello everyone,

      Today was the first day I took out my trusty RL550 to start mowing. I had wintered it the way I normally do, with the batteries removed and in the house and the controller removed, just in case. When I reassembled it and placed the battery in, the display showed "Charging, " and the battery icon animated as if it were charging, even though it was not connected to an external power source. A few seconds later, an alert sounded, and the display read, "Check Power Source," for fairly obvious reasons. Because the mower thinks it is charging, I cannot use it in either manual or automatic mode. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? I'm trying to decide whether it is a charging circuit problem or a controller problem, but I don't know how to diagnose that without another controller, at least. 

      For what it's worth, I've loving since abandoned charging batteries in the mower; I only use an external charger, since the three yellow wires of my charging port broke years ago - never was a problem before.


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