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18686Squealing controller?

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  • Robert Silva
    Sep 8, 2013
      I have a used RL500 that came with an extra (looks new) controller. This new controller constantly squeals as long as there's a battery present. Other controller sounds do come through but they are muffled compared to the squeal. Turing off sounds in settings does not work. Any ideas?

      – Bob

      On Sep 8, 2013, at 8:23 AM, <Doug@...> wrote:


      RJ12 connectors were often used in analog office phone systems. Sometimes you can find surplus cables, connectors, and tools through places that deal in that kind of used equipment. 

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      Since Yahoo changed the format of the groups and in my opinion, really messed it up, I'm not sure if this is a post to the group until it shows up.

      As some of you may know, I've had an ongoing sad saga of getting my RL 1000 back up and running.   The controller/charging board was bad for one thing with corrosion and one pin eaten away.   Similar corrosion on the plug going to the manual controller.

      Step one was getting a cleaner/lubricate from Radio Shack which did remove the green corrosion.  Step two, replace the controller/charging board.  Next, 20-pin ribbon cable.  Now, I'm thinking the modular style plug which had corrosion and needs to be replaced.

      It took some investigating to figure out what this plug was.   It is indeed termed a modular-style plug originally used for telephones.  It's the same size as most telephone plugs which are often termed RJ11 plugs.  This means it has six slots or tracks but only four pins.

      However, it uses six of the slots and is termed an RJ12 or an 6P6C plug. This means it is the same size, same number of slots but six pins rather than the four.   I bought an RJ11 crimper tool at Lowes which will crimp RJ11 but not RJ12.

      If in fact it is simply a bad plug, that's a big savings over buying a new controller.   RJ12 crimpers are about 20 bucks up, but I will check with local computer repair shops to see if they can crimp it for me to save time.

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