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18677Robomow charges on internal Charger only

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  • hendrikf
    Aug 31, 2013
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      this is similar to the topic that we had just before, but I ruled out the AC-Adapter, I think.
      I own a RM City 110 (similar/identical to
      RM410). Unfortunately it charges only with its own internal charger, not
      with the built in one.

      Now, I borrowed the Main Board of the Docking station and the AC-Adapter of a friend and it is the same.
      When I
      measure the Voltage on those two pins connecting the Bot with the
      Charging-Station it goes only to 1V (Bot in the station).

      The AC-Adapter and the Main board of the
      Docking Station can't be it, because I used my friends aswell. What can
      it be then? The Robo itself?

      Any hints?
      I still have warranty, it is the first season of the Bot, but I'd like to rule out everything before packing it all...