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18666Re: [RoboMower] A couple months ago, someone posted about their mower was dead

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  • ronald heinz
    Aug 28, 2013
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      Hi,I'm the one that may have a hand controller problem. I am selling both of my rl500's for $500.00. Have one quick charger and two slow chargers. One has the updated software and knobby tires and works fine. The other one has a hand controller problem,I think. Haven't had time to trouble shoot it yet. We are moving into a condominium,and the grass will be cut by hoa. Ron Heinz. ron200068005@...

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      Subject: [RoboMower] A couple months ago, someone posted about their mower was dead


      He thought there was an issue with the controller. I wonder if he found his problem.

      I started out replacing a drive motor but due to rain and then needing additional parts, it's still apart.

      Now it's dead. There was some corrosion on the charging board and cable where the controller with its telephone like plug hooks up. I bought a computer/electronics cleaner with lubrication which with a soft bristle brush, cleaned out the corrosion. the contacts on the controller look good.

      I'm thinking the problem could be the ribbin cable between the controller/charging board and the main board, or that the battery pack won't hold a charge at all.

      I've not put it back together as I think the machine shop damaged one motor putting a pinon gear on it. I don't see why not having the cover off would prevent the controller from starting up and at least show charging the battery pack.

      Next step is to disconnect the drive motors and the battery pack, after charging it overnight and try jumping each motor directly. When I told the man at Probotics that one motor was possibly damaged, he told me this could be done.

      Any other ideas?

      I thought the next step if that doesn't work would be buy a new ribbon cable which had some corrosion on it as they're around ten bucks.

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