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18504RE: [RoboMower] Re: RM400 - Problems - Tilt - Bump and Pick up Sensors (FIXED WITH UPDATED INFO)

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  • Kevin Turner
    May 3, 2013
      Is it also the "daddy" of my RL2000?? :)

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      Subject: [RoboMower] Re: RM400 - Problems - Tilt - Bump and Pick up Sensors (FIXED WITH UPDATED INFO)


      I was thinking of getting this:


      Does this look ok to you?


      I sent it off for servicing as I could not diagnose the fault. They have found out that my robot was a hand built one from 2007, before they came to market and that friendly robotics sent this unit out to test noise levels. It had custom firmware on it to override all the safety features assuming it was so they could get the mowing blade running upside down, on a tilt etc and monitor the noise levels.

      Anyway they were not sure my main board was going to take a new firmware but it has successfully flashed and all is now working correctly. :)

      Should get it back monday or tuesday. I'm very pleased with the result as I picked up the mower for £200, adding in the transport costs and the repairs I've ended up with a very little used RM400 for a tad over £400... and it the Daddy of all your mowers!

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