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18490Re: [RoboMower] blade maintenace

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  • ronald heinz
    Apr 24, 2013
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      I use pam ron heinz

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      Subject: RE: [RoboMower] blade maintenace


      I just started using 'Easy Off' oven cleaner to clean up the blade wells of all the dark brown stained-in dried grass. I use to clean that off with a pressure washer which always leaked into the inside and screwed up the circuit motherboard. Let the easyoff soak for 30- 45 mins then use rubber gloves and a wet paper towel and you'll be amazed how clean you get the bottom of the Robomower - remember to remover the blades 1st. after that I spray the bottom with silicone lube and/or white lithium grease wipe and let dry. I have not found anything to 'keep' the grass from sticking but at least there is a way to clean the surface so grass doesn't stick as easily.


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      Subject: [RoboMower] blade maintenace

      Has anyone used oil or some sort or even PAM or something? to help keep grass and grass juices from sticking to the blades?
      I use a plastic putty knife to clean around them but blades get build up.

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