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18412Pinon Replacement on RL 1000

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  • rann_georgia
    Oct 22, 2012
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      I posted last week about this issue and need some advice on this problem.

      The pinon appears to be white which I think is the older material. The replacement is black which to my understanding, is a lot tougher.

      The transmission gears are black and show little signs of wear, that is the teeth aren't chewed up.

      --With the transmission looking good, I'm thinking that doesn't need replacing, only the pinon gear.

      --Since the pinons are sold in pairs, should I replace both? The one on the left looks in good shape.

      --Final question. I assume that the transmission in front of the motor has to be removed to get to the bottom screw which looks like a torx head?

      I know I'll have to find a machine shop to pull and replace the pinon.

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