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18039Great work by Digikey and EB20-12 batteries

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  • Chuck Grenkow
    Mar 22, 2012
      I have two battery packs for my R1000 and both sets of batteries FullRiver DC17-12 and the Tempest both lasted less than 2 years and were limited to about 20 mins on a full charge. Reading this forum I wanted to purchase 4x EB20-12 batteries but nobody in Canada would sell then.

      Best price was from Digikey ($61) but I was concerned about shipping and duty/taxes costs ordering from the States and sending to me in Victoria BC Canada - good news was any purchase over $200 included Free Shipping!

      But what the heck, the forum says these batteries give the best bang for the buck, so I ordered them at 1100 Monday morning on line - the NEXT afternoon the the Fedex man was at the door with two big boxes with my four batteries.

      I paid Fedex $61 for duties and taxes - that worked out to $76.25 total per battery delivered to my door the next day.

      Awesome - thanks Digikey

      I highly recommend this to company to any Cunucks who need to replace their Robomower batteries

      Chuck G
      Victoria, BC

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