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  • m.hadank
    Sep 9, 2010
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      I have the same issue, but thankfully only rarely. One observation I've made is that at these times the four holes (one per corner of the mower) tend to be plugged with grass clippings. Once I clean these out, things tend to improve. It's possible the sensors are located at the top of these recesses, and the clippings are enough to suppress the reception of signals from the perimeter wire.

      Hope this helps.

      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "Douglas B. George" <dg@...> wrote:
      > My RoboMower has started running over the wire. It always happens in the
      > forward direction. This never used to happen, but now it does that on perhaps
      > every fourth run of the mower.
      > Usually it just gets stuck but in one instance I actually saw the mower leave my
      > property altogether. I chased it down as it went merrily on cutting grass next
      > door! I'm sure it would have stopped eventually but that is not good!!!
      > It looks like there might be several wire sensors around the perimeter of the
      > mower, and maybe one of the front ones isn't working(?). Any suggestions on how
      > to diagnose and repair this issue?
      > Thanks,
      > Doug
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