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1679Re: [RoboMower] response to Iggy @ Zone Hopping

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  • gary burns
    Mar 1, 2004
      Make sure it is in cracks or lawsuit city if someone falls down.  So, Clint where is your Robo dealership located?

      Clint D <clintd555@...> wrote:
      Hi Patti!

      Congrats on your new mower. If you have a 15,000 sqft
      lawn, you want to divide it up into zones because the
      RL800 will not be able to cut 15,000sqft on one run.

      Do you mind sketching a drawing of your yard layout?
      I'll be glad to recommend a good way to setup your
      zones after seeing that sketch.

      Several users here have bascially "ignored" their
      sidewalk by including it in the lawn as if it wasnt
      there. You can run wire under the concrete or run it
      though the cracks and sealing it with silicon. As long
      as your sidewalk is somewhat level to the grass, you
      should be fine. I thikn there are some files in the
      Files area of this group with detailed instructions on
      how to do that.

      --- Patti <patti1214@...> wrote:
      > Need recommendations on laying the wire.  We bought
      > our Robo 800 over the
      > winter--we're in Massachusetts.  Just starting to
      > get warm enough to get out
      > and lay the wire.  We have a 15,000 square foot lot
      > - house is pretty much
      > in the middle.  We have a small fence to either side
      > of the house with gates
      >   Do we need to do each side of the front lawn
      > (driveway down the middle) as
      > a separate zone and the backyard as a 3rd zone, or
      > can we leave the gates
      > open when mowing and treat it all as 1 zone?  Will
      > it find it's way through
      > the gate to the backyard and back out the gate to
      > the other size of the
      > front?
      > Also, on the front yard, we have our front lawn,
      > then a sidewalk (owned by
      > the town technically - but noboby ever walks on
      > it--they walk in the street
      > cause it's a quiet neighborhood) and then another
      > small strip of grass and
      > the curb.  How should we handle the sidewalk?   Do
      > we need to make the small
      > strip on the other side of the sidewalk a separate
      > zone because we can't run
      > the wire over the sidewalk?
      > Patti

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