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  • robotsrule2000
    Mar 1, 2004
      When you say it can depart and go to different areas of the yard,
      you mean "areas' of the same zone, right? Not different Zones? I
      guess there is no "zone hopping" feature (would be nice though) but
      only "area within the zone hopping?"

      IGGY Dybal

      Good questions
      Zone hopping is an absolute "no -no" for safety reasons. If you can
      afford to make a single zone around your yard, the RL1000 can do an
      excellent job of maintaining the "always cut" look. This is
      revolutionary. Imagine never ever having tall grass again for the
      entire summer. It always looks nice and cut. I have used a beta and
      now a final production for over a year. I cut alot of grass about
      half an acre. It always looks great. You couldn't force me back to
      non-docking station mowers at this point. IF you have fences, not to
      worry. Leave the docking station in the biggest zone and let it run
      as you wish. Bring it to the smaller zone once on the weekend and
      use the EXTRA (supplied for free) perimeter switch. Whenever it is
      convenient, just re-dock it and you are good to go. You can buy a
      second docking station if you wish. We have about thirteen ways to
      keep it IN the wire only. We don't want a single accident, so I do
      not see a trend towards cutting outside the wire.

      Now for a few random points...
      We have always strived towards 3 common goals. One is SAFETY. This
      is the reason the mower travels slow. If you are 60 years old and
      want to catch it, you can (easily). Blade stop happens in less than
      a second. From almost 6,000 RPM to zero in under a second.
      Remarkable in my humble opinion.

      If we build maps, try to get too fancy with programming, we lose
      alot of the elderly population.
      Right now, you let it out of its box, introduce it to the lawn, let
      it sniff around (calibrate), and off he /she goes. Simple!

      Three is Quality of CUT.
      We have stacked this mowers' cutting abilities up to EVERY single
      mowing technology we can find. It is a little know fact that there
      is nothing better or healthier for the lawn than a Robomower. It
      leaves grass "POWDER" behind. Unlike a traditional walk / self
      propelled / riding "mulcher", the Robomower knows only one pace.
      That pace that we would never want to "keep up" in the 100 degree
      humid summer. SLOW.....slow moving and double or triple the
      taditional blade speed. Grass equals powder. Powder equals
      nutrients and moisture. Two vital components of grass health in the
      summer. Ever noticed how much greener and thicker your yard has
      become? It is inevitable with a Robomower. In addition, by keeping
      a v shaped pattern with overlaps, we do not hurt the root system.
      Better than random and better than traditional back and forth.

      Sorry for the ramblings, but I love your forum.
      I promise not to get commercial on you guys and gals.
      Just good honest answers.
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