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  • Ben Sporl
    Oct 31 1:05 PM
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      Thanks for the article.

      It's interesting to see a bit insight into what they were thinking. Yes, 10% of the 7m mower market would be a good goal, but not when your mower costs 8x the volume push mowers. I truly think three things need to occur before robomowing takes off:
      - Easier: They need to get rid of the perimeter wire and use a mapping application. GPS is built into every phone, car, etc... and can be had for a few bucks when volume ordering. Software can map the yard to ensure the mower is kept in a zone. Even if GPS is not feasible, algorithms can map the yard if you drive the mower around the perimeter. They need to call Google, offer them $1m, and ask for a mapping application in return.
      - Lower the costs: They need to be realistic about the costs and not expect people to pay $1,500 when they can buy a quality push mower for $200
      - Local support: Local dealerships or partnerships need to be established. For this to work, the customer need to be able to return problem mowers to Sears, Lowes, Ace, Home Depot, etc... Customers need that warm and fuzzy feeling of a local person.

      Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

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      This is somewhat old news (2006 Design News), but answers a few questions and reveals some interesting history of the Friendly RoboMower. :

      http://www.designne ws.com/article/ 9955-Mowing_ on_Autopilot. php


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