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  • Matt Cooper
    Oct 7, 2009
      I'll bet it was a survey conducted for iRobot because they have made a patent for a robotic mower and are testing the waters. I remember someone in the group mentioning an iRobot patent And posting the link. 90% of surveys about products are to examine the market for a product that has not ben introduced yet. Durable goods are always hiden in the survey (that is why they test new model vehichles in the Mohave desert away from the public before introduction to the public.

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      On Oct 6, 2009, at 6:55 PM, "Barbara B" <eventtravelers@...> wrote:

      Hey Keith, Yes it was a lot of fun, except the morning(wife only off work mornings) I went to do the 1 min. commerical and our Cub Cadet lawn tractor wouldn't start. My wife and I had to push it uphill to the front yard from the back yard to use it as a prop. LOL
      That thing hardly gets used anymore since I have the 2 Robomowers!

      The next morning she just slightly pushed it and rode it downhill to it's resting spot, because "Gold" was scheduled to mow that area.

      They just said it was for a 3rd party company.

      I don't know how they will use the info, as the survey was quite broad ranged. Pros, Cons, Why, Where, how long, etc.
      I was assured though that any personal information would Not be shared with anyone and only used by them, then destroyed.

      Don't know if future robotics or what? The survey was about Robotic Mowers in general.


      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, rowell@... wrote:

      Thanks for the report Bob,
      It sounds like it was indeed alot of fun.
      Did they say what they wanted the survey for? How will they use the information? Are there new robots in our future or are they working out ways to reach more with the existing models? Just curious.

      keith rowell

      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "Barbara B" <eventtravelers@> wrote:

      I also talked to Miranda a couple months ago and she was awesome. Then after receiving the camera and questionaire, I participated in the 5 part video survey.
      It was fun doing it and really enjoyed it. So much so that I used over the 38 minutes of video which they said would take and used almost 60 minutes. LOL
      I showed off "Burgundy" and "Gold" my RL1000s among a lot of other things.

      I also got my wife to help me filming the 1 min. commerical which was super fun to do.
      I also filmed her changing out Robos 3 mowing blades from start(backing out of docking station) to finish (back to dock). It's so easy a caveman can do it, Errr I mean a blond. LOL

      The onsite interview lasted about 4 hours, but I have a tendency to talk a Lot!! hehe

      I received my $300 check a little over a week ago.



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