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16106Re: Possible battery issue? - RL1000

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  • Visti Juncher
    Jun 15, 2009
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      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, Danny Miller <dannym@...> wrote:
      > YES. There is an issue.
      > That is the UNLOADED voltage that the charger puts out. An operational
      > battery electrically connected to the charger would drag the voltage
      > down to probably 28.4v as an absolute maximum when fully charged.
      > Normally, I'd expect that starting from a battery at 23.1v, putting it
      > on a charger would yield a voltage in the 24v range at first and the
      > voltage will gradually rise to the 28v range over a course of hours.
      > Either the battery has a bad connection from the batt to the charging
      > contacts, or there is a bad connection inside the pack, or there's a
      > problem inside the charger itself. Or the battery could be bad, that is
      > normally the case, but since you replaced them I would tend to discount
      > this possibility.
      > Danny

      Or there may be a collapsed cell in one of the batteries.
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