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16095RE: [RoboMower] Possible battery issue? - RL1000

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  • Dan Barclay
    Jun 14, 2009
      Yes, checking the battery voltage directly will tell whether the battery is
      getting charged or not. However, the way to tell if the power supply is the
      *cause* of it not charging is to check the voltage available to the mower.

      There is also a "battery voltage" option on the "information" menu. This is
      supposed to be the terminal voltage as I understand so (in theory) is nearly
      the same as taking the battery top off and checking the terminal voltage.
      It's not exactly the same (could be bad connections, etc).



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      Better yet, pop the top on the battery and put it into the mower with
      the top off.

      You can read batt voltage during charge.

      Should read like 25.6v off the charger, then jump about a volt when the
      charger is on, and rise to around 28v when the charge is finishing.


      Dan Barclay wrote:
      > Dave,
      > You may be having trouble with the power supply to your docking station.
      > One symptom is that the power supply will supply enough current to power
      > perimeter wire, and just a bit more. The mower will dock and go into
      > charging mode but there just isn't enough to actually charge the battery.
      > If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage on the "horns" while the mower
      > in the dock charging. I show 37 or 38 volts on the horns with a good power
      > supply. The "Charging Voltage" from the "information" menu on the
      > controller should be around 33 or 34v.
      > If your power supply is going out it may appear to be working but not put
      > out enough to charge. The power supply is weak in my opinion, and is
      > particularly susceptible to overheating if in direct sunlight and/or not
      > well ventilated outdoors. Failure of the docking power supply is not
      > unusual. I've had more than one go out.
      > Dan

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