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  • Bob and Barbara
    Nov 13, 2008
      That's a Big Problem waiting to happen!! Four years ago when I got my 2
      RL1000s, I realized quickly that 2 Robos can't run at the same time in
      different docking zones. I even posted it here for FR to look into.
      My suggestion was to make a different code like maybe A,B,C,D that can
      be selected on the Robomower. That way my 2 Robos can run the same
      time, or you and your neighbors can also. I can foresee a scheduling
      nightmare in the near future and a Negative Selling Factor for FR if
      you have several neighbors that get them. And what about that A$$hole
      neighbor that won't work with you on schedule??


      "I have people constantly walking past my home going for walks stop and
      stare at my mowers. They have gone to get theor wives and neighbors and
      they are amazed at how well they do keeping up the lawn. I would be
      very surprised if there are not a bunch of Robomowers cropping up
      around the area in the next year or so. I am guessing that there are a
      number of people doing what I wanted to do originally which was to wait
      for someone else to get one and see how they work out. Essentially
      make someone else be the guinea pig."
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