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15446Re: [RoboMower] Re: What happened to this group?

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  • Christopher Zach
    Nov 9, 2008
      Leszek Skulski wrote:
      > As far asd your comment of mowers not workign perfectly, I had two Robomowers fail in one week. My RL800 had the keypad go bad out of the blue. A $120 fix I wish did not happen, but could be worse. My RL1000 on the other hand had a much more severe malfunction. It drove out of the perimeter wire a good 30 feet or so. Normally that would probably not be a bd thing, but the last 10 feet of that journey was the competition ski lake behind my home. Needless to say, it's 100% dead, but I am happy to say that Robomower is standing behind their product and promised to replace it. Steve at Probotics in PA where I purchased my RL1000 was nice enough to help me with all this and is taking care of my replacement as I post. There still is not a real good explanation for what happened though, hence the replacement as this is just not supposed to happen. I have since mowed the same area with my repaired RL800 and no problems, so I hope this is a one
      > in a billion glitch. Anyone else ever had an RL1000 go rogue?

      Neat! So it actually got 10 feet into the lake before it died? I'm
      impressed; must be the rain-proofing.

      I'm not sure if the Robomower boards are conformal coated or not; if so
      taking it totally apart and washing it in isopropyl alcohol should get
      it running; I once had an electric car controller that sat for a month
      in antifreeze/water that came back after being soaked in alcohol, then
      again and again then dried in a 120 degree oven. However if it went
      rolling out of the field something is massively wrong.

      Fixing the controller switches is not hard if one knows how to solder:
      Radio shack sells the micro-switches and I was able to remove the old
      ones and put new ones on with a 15 watt iron. Just use really thin solder.

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