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15284Re: Wandering robomower RL1000

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  • Seth
    Aug 1 6:17 AM
      I had the same thing happen to me a couple years back. I have the 850
      and on the first mow of it's second season I was watching it go around
      the edge of my lawn, just to make sure everything was ok. It got to
      the corner and "jumped" the line. By shear luck it was close to
      parallel with my street and if I wouldn't have been outside it would
      have been down the road. I too thought this was impossible and thought
      it was a fluke. Lo and behold, a week later it jumped the line again,
      but in another spot of my yard. I contacted the company to let them
      know about the issue and that the mower would stay in the mowing mode
      if it got over the line. They were interested, but they asked me for
      detailed diagrams and measurments of my yard and I got the feeling
      they thought I was making this up. At that point, I decided I didn't
      want to put in the effort to prove my case. After those two incidents
      I never had another problem and I'm still a little dumdfounded about
      what happened.

      --- In RoboMower@yahoogroups.com, "ben_sfg" <benj@...> wrote:
      > I thought this was basically impossible... last night Timmy (my
      > RL1000) wandered past the perimeter wire and into my wifes garden only
      > to get tangled in vegetation and stuck in the mulch. Luckily did not
      > cause any real damage.
      > I've also had some issues with the mower stopping on the perimeter
      > wire about 10 feet from the charging station.
      > I haven't changed anything with the perimeter in 2 years. Any ideas?
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