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15076Re: [RoboMower] Re: Click of death.........RM Gear-case failure

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  • Matt Cooper
    Jul 2, 2008
      I need to know your main board version too. Is your dealer local to you? Did you buy directly from a dealer or buy slightly used equipment from someone else?

      vistijuncher345 <vistijuncher345@...> wrote: > Do you have an RL850 or RL1000 that moves in a straight line
      while "wagging" its front end to the left and right? - - This is a
      rare condition. You probably have an overheated component on your
      main board. I have experience fixing components on main boards - so
      save your money and don't replace your board, call me with your main
      board part number (viewable on your display).

      Hey! That's me!
      Bought the RL1000 three weeks ago and is in fact listing up the
      peculiarities at present.
      It seems to be somewhat related to the 'Wide angle' parameter. If set
      to 180 cm (Danish setup) it will actually go in circles instead of
      the wagging. And mainly backwards.
      Software version 4.1-08 (dated 18 Oct. 07).
      In addition I am not too fond of the charger.
      1. It's slow.
      2. Charging stops before it reaches 28V.
      I have changed the calibrated voltage so I now get 27.9V. In addition
      that means that the lowest acceptable voltage was increased by about
      1V which I am not at all unhappy about.
      Discharging to below 24V (settings allow 22V-23V) will in my opinion
      wear the batteries too fast.

      Has anyone tried to dis-assemble the software?


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