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14573Re: [RoboMower] Consumer Reports Column

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  • Matt Cooper
    Apr 2, 2008
      Consumer's Reports is often off-the-mark in its judgment compared to the normal consumer's use of a product....so much that I stopped reading its issues and use other sources to help me decide if a product suites me and is of good quality. There are many people who regard their CR's conclusive words as paramount and miss out on good products.

      As an authorized dealer/repairman, I see that FR has done much in the last year to improve the quality of the RL850 and RL1000.

      Matt Cooper, Owner of AutoMate Tools
      Friendly Robotics Authorized Sales and Service,
      New RL and RM Robomowers & Durable Greenhouses
      Service specializing repairs and complete/partial upgrades*
      (Software, circuit boards, gear case upgrades, etc - a full service company)Phone # (214) 538-0409, Located at Mesquite, Texas - Serving all USA and Canada.

      *Increasing the acceleration/speed performance of RL500's and other RL model improvements.

      Robomower demonstrations for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and elsewhere when possible.

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