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1314Re: Mowing in cold weather

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  • kcobra07
    Dec 9, 2003
      I visited a guy a few months ago that owned an Automower. I know
      the Robo has a bigger battery, but a battery is a battery none the
      less. Anyway, he left his mower out in the winter and something to
      do with the freezing and the moisture damaged the onboard computer.
      The battery seemed to be okay. So, I'm guessing that freezing
      temeratures and moisture really may harm your robo computer as
      well. As you also suggested, I would imagine that the colder temps
      would cause the battery to run down faster.

      Is there not a temperature warning in the manual or on the battery
      that says warning do not operate within these temps? I gues you
      would have to google for "cold affect on batteries"

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      > Yea I agree....but I'm thinking the colder weather may run the
      > down faster.
      > John Stoner <stoner_john@h...> wrote:
      > It shouldn't matter if it is cold, as long as it isn't cold enough
      for the
      > battery to freeze and crack the battery shell.
      > Got a response from FR - they say in colder weather the mower
      would be OK
      > as long as it's not below the battery storage temps - like minus 4
      > Farenheit. I think I'll be OK in Kansas City :o)
      > IGGY Dybal
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