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1312RE: [RoboMower] Mowing in cold weather

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  • Clint D
    Dec 2, 2003
      Yea I agree....but I'm thinking the colder weather may run the batteries down faster.

      John Stoner <stoner_john@...> wrote:

      It shouldn't matter if it is cold, as long as it isn't cold enough for the battery to freeze and crack the battery shell.

      ----Original Message Follows---- From: Iggy and Svetlana Reply-To: RoboMower@yahoogroups.com To: RoboMower Subject: [RoboMower] Mowing in cold weather Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 10:34:07 -0600 I got some leaves on the front and back yard that I'd like to mulch with my Robbie, however, the temps are in the low 30's in Kansas City now. I checked the manual for the temperature ranges to operate the mower and did not find anything about these temps - only " minus 4 F/ 20 C" mentioned for area and "0 F/ minus 18 C" for storage of the batteries. I assume it's OK to mow in this weather? Actually, would be fun to do something like this - when other neighbors mow in the freezing weather, Robbie ventures out :o) I can just see them cursing at me :o) Sincerely, IGGY Dybal Your Real Estate Consultant - Kansas City - RE/MAX Best E-mail: mailto:iggy@... Web site: http://www.iggy.net Office: 913-894-4024 Toll-free: 877-550-IGGY/4449 Fax: 913-451-5361

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