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11770RE: [RoboMower] Distance of Perimeter wire from fence

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  • Dan Barclay
    Apr 2, 2007
      Distance from stuff:

      1, 2, and 3 pegs.

      1. Sidewalks and other "non barrier" edges, put the wire about a peg
      length from the edge.
      2. "Soft" barriers like flower beds with edges the mower could get on
      without hurting anything (straw, mulch, etc), put the wire 2 peg length from
      the edge.
      3. "Hard" barriers like walls or fences, put the wire about 3 peg
      lengths away. Note that at corners you may want to "lead" the turn or "lag"
      the turn depending on the direction of a turn.

      Set up a test perimeter, lightly staked. Play with it on a couple of 90
      degree turns (both directions) and watch the mower. It will save you some
      tinkering after you get the wire down.



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      Subject: [RoboMower] Distance of Perimeter wire from fence

      Howdy, Y'all!

      I have had my Robomowers (a 500 and an 800) for several years and
      they are very happy mowing my two zones in the front yard (on the
      original batteries, kept plugged in all winter long - in Tulsa).

      We've had some discussions about the distance between the perimeter
      wire and obstacles, like a fence. My recollection is that the
      recommended distance is 18". The purpose is to allow the Robomower
      to edge the perimeter before mowing the interior.

      In my back yard, I have wooden fences on three sides and a house
      on most of the rest. This means I will always have to weedwack along
      the fence, although not necessarily every time Robo mows.

      I am considering a possible better way:

      Totally abandon edge mode in the back yard. That way, I could put
      the perimeter wire about 6-10 inches from the fence and hope to have
      less weedwacking to do afterwards.

      I have several questions:

      Could I run into a problem with bumper sensor failure
      from hitting the fence every pass?

      What distance should I put the wire from the fence to
      let the wire sensor turn it instead of bumping the fence?

      Has anyone tried this method of mowing for a back yard?

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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