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11746Everyone (I mean everyone!): Who in this group can brag about mowing 1/2 acre on up per week with any kind of Robomower?

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  • Matt Cooper
    Apr 1, 2007
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      Please respond today if you can.

      Tell me how long it takes..Answer:
      Do you use a quick charger and two or three sets of power packs. Answer:
      Other info:
      Problems encountered:
      Solutions to those problems:


      Matt Cooper, Owner of AutoMate Tools
      FR Authorized Sales and Service, specializing in complete and partial upgrades
      (Software, circuit boards, gear sets, etc - a full service company)
      Phone # (214) 538-0409, Located at Mesquite, Texas - Serving all USA Robomower users mower demonstrations for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

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