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  • Matt Cooper
    Apr 1, 2007
      I believe (ask my customers within this group) that wide scan is available on the 3.2a and 3.2ix upgrade chips that I supply for self installation (no yellow clamshell removal .... or special tooling to rent or buy if you use my 8 page of illustrated (simple!) step-by-step instructions -- no mechanic or electrical experience necessary).

      If you have 3.19 version or 3.2e version software, as shown on your LCD display, then your Robomower can be upgraded with the 3.2a and 3.2ix upgrade chips. These upgrade chips will ELIMINATE certain hesitations the present in the two older versions as well as use improved subroutines when the mower needs to change direction as well as improved acceleration during certain subroutines. I have customers that say that their mower will now cut their lawn in haf the time with the low cost upgrade. Thus, they can now mow a lawn twice the size with the same battery charge (if the yard zones are set up effectively).

      The 3.19 and 3.2e software are used on two different main boards associated with RL500 and RL550 mowers.

      My business is located within 30 minutes to STC's repair parts warehouse.

      Matt Cooper, Owner of AutoMate Tools
      FR Authorized Sales and Service, specializing in complete and partial upgrades
      (Software, circuit boards, gear sets, etc - a full service company)
      Phone # (214) 538-0409, Located at Mesquite, Texas - Serving all USA Roomier users and mower demonstrations for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

      IGGY & Svetlana <iggyandsvetlana@...> wrote:

      Wide scan is a feature of newer model mowers 850 and 1000 introduced 1-2 years ago?

      You can upgrade your software but your mower being as old as it is, you may need a new mother board? - check with tech support.

      Low cut blades can be put on any mower, contact any dealer to buy.

      Service manuals are not distributed to users, only dealers.


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      From: Albert Kaltenbaeck
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      Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2007 9:23 AM
      Subject: [RoboMower] New to this group

      New to this group but had my RL500s for 4 years.

      What is this "Wide Scan" mode?

      How do I access it?

      If it is a software/firmware version deal, are they upgradeable?

      What version of Software/Firmware has it?

      Can the extended blades be put on a RL500 and if so, where do you get

      Is there any information on servicing the RL500, i.e.: Service Manual


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