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92Did He or Didn't He? Groundhog's Day Results and More!

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  • stacyatriverbend
    Jan 28, 2008
      Hi Everyone,

      I hope you will join us this Sunday, February 3rd from 10:30-noon to
      learn about our friend the groundhog. Whether or not Punxsutawney
      Phil, beloved star of Groundhog's Day, sees his shadow marks how much
      more of winter we will have to endure. Or so the locals say! Join us
      at Riverbend for the "Big Results" of this American celebration and
      learn how Phil and other local wildlife are surviving through the harsh
      winter months. Hibernation, torpor and migration are a few strategies
      covered in this hands-on, wintry program. Admission is $10/family. Pre-
      registration is required.
      Contact Amelia Abromaitis at (610)527-5234 x105 or
      aabromaitis@... to register.

      Hope to see you all at Riverbend soon,