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110Music of the Night: Nature's Nocturnal Symphony

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  • stacyatriverbend
    Aug 4, 2008
      Hi Everyone,

      Join us this Friday night, August 8th from 8:00-9:30 pm for a look at
      the music of the night. The chirp of crickets, the chatter of thrips
      and the rattle of cicadas - together, they form summertime's noturnal
      symphony. Join us as we explore the fascinating and often unseen world
      of insects that are most active at night. A power point presentation
      of each of these amazing little creatures will be accompanied by a full
      audio recording of each. We will then embark together on an
      insect "spotlighting" journey to discover the amazing diversity of
      nocturnal insects - your summer nights will never be the same! Pre-
      registration is required, to register please contact Amelia at 610-527-
      5234 x105 or aabromaitis@.... The cost is $15/family.

      Hope to see you all at Riverbend soon,
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