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100Totally Tadpoles!

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  • stacyatriverbend
    Apr 28 10:56 AM
      Hi Everyone,

      Join us this Sunday, May 4th from 10:30-noon to witness one of the most
      magical moments of nature- the annual arrival of tadpoles. As the
      weather warms up, thousands of tadpoles can be seen at Riverbend's
      ponds. Tiny black toad tadpoles and larger green frog tadpoles can be
      seen eating happily at the pond. Come and see these wonderful animals
      before they finish their metamorphosis and leave our ponds. Admission
      is $10/family and pre-registration is required. To register please
      contact Amelia Abromaitis at aabromaitis@... or 610-527-
      5234 x105.

      Hope to see you all at Riverbend soon!