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  • Lyn Martin
    Relax! If you ve completed the CRM successfully, you ll ace CIC s Commercial Casualty with no problem! I ve also taught CIC courses (Commercial Umbrella,
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      Study Tips

      Relax!  If you've completed the CRM successfully, you'll ace CIC's Commercial Casualty with no problem!  I've also taught CIC courses (Commercial Umbrella, Garage Liability and BOP), many years ago, and the one thing I learned was that although the instructors are asked to submit possible questions for their topic, they don't have any say in what the final questions are and don't know what they'll be.

      Do read the policy forms.  I distinctly remember that when I took the Commercial Casualty course, one of the questions was to define the policy territory in the CGL form.  It hadn't been discussed by the instructor and had a hole punch through that paragraph of the policy form!! 

      M. Lyn Martin, CPCU, ARM, ARe, AAI, CIC
      Reinsurance & Risk Manager
      California Casualty Management Company

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