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  • John Zavrel
    Friends, we got this message from India, about the latest developments involving the continuation of Swami Hari s work. b.j.z. ****** From: swamihariharananda
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2008
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      we got this message from India, about the latest developments involving the continuation of Swami Hari's work.



      From: swamihariharananda bharati <swamihariharananda@...>
      Date: October 6, 2008 11:27:03 AM EDT
      To: John Zavrel <zavrel@...>
      Subject: Malethi

      I, U.P. Singh, disciple of Hon. Swami Rama of the Himalayas and the president of Swami Ram Nishkam Karmyog Trust established by Swami Hariharananda Bharti , my friend and Guru brother, without any prejudice and premonition hereby inform that in a meeting of Dt. 19/9/2008  at Sadhna Mandir of Gurudev following trustees have been confirmed. 

      Sri U.P. Singh President                      
      Ph. +91-9868111745
      (Till further notice) 

      Ma Sewa Bharati  Vice President              
      Ph. +91-9412053473       
      Email. : suhrit108@... 

      Dr. Mrs. Kusum Upadhyay Secretary cum Treasurer 
      Ph.  9411373885     

      Sri V.P. Navani Member Trustee 
      Ph. +91- 9411114007
      Email: vinod_nawani@...                    

                  All other bodies, if any exist were dissolved after passing away of Swami Hari. New board members and other bodies are to be appointed only by the President under the trust regulations in near future. 
                  I, as President of the trust have also deputed following individuals to perform certain duties as cited below till further order: 

      1. Dr. V. Upadhyay : Public relation, herbal 
      2. Sri V.K. Nawani (Trustee)    : In charge Bachelor of Education Project 
      3. Dr. Rajeev Uttam                : Help in running the Trust activities. 
      4. Sri Shivram                           : Looking after vocational, public school and  
        establishment at Malethi.  

        All communication related to trust should be addressed to either President or Secretary only. Ma Sewa Bharti will look after the Spiritual and Yoga part. All SRIVERM trust registered in foreign countries should be linked to President. Fund raising if any done should not be deposited to any one else except to Swami Ram Nishkam Karmyog Trust, Malethi, Khairasain (Pauri Garhwal) U.K., F.C.R.A. account.  Any one raising fund individually should be illegal and an offence. Those who have any funds or accounts related to trust, must deposit that at due places as early as possible and provide the account statement due towards them. 
      It is my request to the SRIVERM U.S.A, Canada and Holland to provide details of funds collected by them to me with a copy to Treasurer. 
      The Tarkeshwar matter is solved and soon the meditation centre and guest house there will start functioning.    
      I, as president convey my heart felt regard and thanks for the contribution to the trust by Dr. L.N. Mittal, Sri R.C. Chauhan, Sri S.K. Mishra, Prof. S.C. Handa, Sri G.S. Dhiman, V.K. Bansal & R.K. Gupta for their support. 
      I convey my thanks to all for sending enthusiastic mails, phones to congratulate me with a promises of cooperation. Special thanks to Mr. Jagdish Thakoerdin, Ginny, Ninaji, Vipin, Balkishan, Dr. Cludia, Bhatnagars, Ashwani Dhiman, Ann Murphy and other friends to whom I forget to mention, for continuous support.  
      It’s my privilege to specially mention Sri Vijay Dhasmana, Board member Himalayan Inst. for generous help during the illness of Swami Hari and support in our humanitarian endeavors. You are welcome to visit Malethi as soon as we are settled.
      I hope for the solace to the departed soul of Swami Hari all individual, followers, disciples will take steps to uplift his projects and cooperate us in the benign cause for which trust was established. 

      Issued by the signature of 
      Sri U.P. Singh. 
      Swami Ram Nishkam Karmyog Trust. 

      Date: October 6,008

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