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  • zavrel
    Friends on the spiritual path, here is Swami Veda s 2006 itinerary in another format, since all were not able to open the attachement we sent previously. There
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      Friends on the spiritual path,

      here is Swami Veda's 2006 itinerary in another format, since all were
      not able to open the attachement we sent previously.

      There are many opportunities to meet with Swami Veda this year at one
      of the locations, and spend some time with one of the great spiritual
      masters of our time.

      Feel free to e-mail the appropriate contact persons.

      in service,
      John Zavrel

      * * * * * *


      Last updated April 25, 2006

      April 24-25, 2006 Satsanga in Mumbai Satish: satish_rupani@...
      Cell: +91-982-124-3210

      Sushil: susheel208@... Cell: +91-989-263-6326

      April 26 Satsanga in Singapore Yoong: wyoongk@... Cell: +65-

      April 30-May 4 Santsanga & Scientific experiments at Bremen University,
      Germany Roderich: r.wahsner@... Home:

      May15-18 Satsangas in London Tejas: tejaschandaria@... home: +

      Samaresh: samaruna_muk@... home: +44-208-482-4616

      May 19-23 Budapest, Hungary Joseph: p.jozsi@...

      May 25-28 Advanced Yoga Sutra seminar at Assisi, Italy, for Yoga
      teachers, organized by Italian Yoga Federation Antonietta:
      erosse@... Home: +39-0187-971-385

      June 1-4 First Teachers' Training Retreat of first year of TTP
      organized by Himalayan Yoga Institute-Italy in La Verna (AR),
      Italy--Cristina: cnobilec@... Cell: +39-328-675-9119

      Home: +39-055-211831

      Himalayan Yoga Institute-Italy : +39-055 472015


      June 6-10 Satsanga in Athens, Greece Giorgos: mgk@... Cell:

      June 11-15 Zurich, Switzerland Lily: lilyb369@... Home: +41-1201-

      June 16-22 European Silence Retreat, Holland Marilou:
      marilou@... Home: +31-3022-58879

      June 22-24 Retreat of Himalayan Inst of Germany,

      Munster Miriam Kroener

      Institute phone: +49-(0)40 - 43 27 33 58,

      Institute Fax: +49-(0)40 - 43 27 33 17,


      Office Email: info@...

      Miriam's E-mail: m.kroener@...

      June 28-July 2 Satsangas in Toronto, Canada Sharada: SBhajan@...
      Home: 905 686 2402

      Cell: +1-416-450-1743

      C. Khanna: ckhanna@... Home: +1-416-590-9645

      July 6-14 Satsanga in Mpls and Rochester, Minnesota Pat Layton:
      info@... Home: +1-612-379-2356

      16-28 Teachers' Training Retreat at the campus of the Institute of
      Noetic Sciences, California Jan Semling: semling@...
      Cell: +1-415-497-2189

      Maryon Maas: mmaass@... Home: +510 233 3255

      Cell: +510 520 5757

      To Register contact: The Meditation Center 612-379-2386,

      July 30-August 1 Satsanga in Chicago and Milwaukee Anil Saigal:
      saigala@... Home: +1-847-765-6525

      Wesley: wvanlind@... Cell: +1-414-915-0029

      August 2 Satsanga in Indianapolis, IN Rose Getz: hymcenter@...
      Cell: 317-363-7885, fax number is 844-2451

      August 4 Satsanga in New Jersey S Sulpy; stephaniesulpy@...

      August 12-13 Satsanga in Regina, Canada S Jagdeo: savitri@...
      Home: +1-306-586-4133

      August 14-18 Satsanga in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada Margo Balog:
      mayabalog@... Home+1-780-458-9339

      Vijaya Subramani: vijayas@... Home: +1-403-547-7258

      August 20 Satsanga in Los Angeles, CA Randall Krause:
      randallcoach@... Cell: +1-818-926-3148

      August 23 Satsanga in Singapore Yoong: wyoongk@... Cell: 65-

      August 24 Arrive Delhi

      August 25-September 4 Rishikesh

      September 7-10 Satsanga in Bangkok, Thailand Thaniya Kevalee:
      thaniyake@... Home: +66-1932-5413

      September 11-26 Satsanga in Xian & Lijian, China Oesha Ramsundersingh:
      oesha@... Home: +1703-992-6926

      September 28-October 3 Satsanga in South Korea Helen Choe:

      Regine Choe: rgchoe@... Cell: +82-11-379-0028

      October 5-15 Rishikesh

      October 18-20 Conference in Xian, China Oesha Ramsundersingh:
      oesha@... Home: 1703-992-6926

      October 22-25 Satsanga in Hong Kong Kamal: kamals@...
      Home: +852-2525-8288

      October 27-January 4, 2007 Rishikesh Ashram with few absences to Delhi

      January 5-31, 2007 Incognito

      January 28-February 28, 2007 Meeting of global delegates at Rishikesh
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