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Talks on Bhagavad Gita, Part 34

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    Talks on Bhagavad Gita, Part 34 By Pandit Dabral The Gita is Lord s teaching to Arjuna. Lord says they come out from me and they come back to me. It s a cycle.
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      Talks on Bhagavad Gita, Part 34
      By Pandit Dabral

      The Gita is Lord's teaching to Arjuna. Lord says they come out from
      me and they come back to me. It's a cycle. The wheel of karma comes
      down. When you are down, you are in pain or having a rough time. When
      it comes up, you are happy. When it's up, it has to come down. The
      situation today will come down again. So it goes.

      The wheel of karma is rotating every day, but when it goes down, you
      can still be happy if you are not attached to that wheel.

      That is the teaching Lord has given to Arjuna. 'O Arjuna, become that
      yogi.' Bhagavad Gita is such a beautiful scripture that gives you so
      much comfort. Let's say a guest came to your house and you of course
      want to please the guest. You want to cook a very nice meal, you want
      to do what makes your guest happy and comfortable. That's why we say
      'feel at home'. How nice if you know all the desires and habits about
      your guest, what kind of food he or she likes, what kind of things he
      or she wants to do, then they will be very happy.

      If you are guessing, you are always in doubt. If you know there is
      something, then you can go and get it. You may enter in a dark room
      and you are searching but you do not know if it is in that room or not.
      You may be searching for years and years and its not in the room. What
      do you have to do? Just turn the light on, the light of jnana,
      knowledge, wisdom. It does not take even a second to turn that light
      on. Gita is a scripture that has described everything, how to do, what
      to do, when to do. Now it is up to us whether you want to do it or you
      don't want to do.

      Lord has given even the apartment number and the street number of
      himself. He has given in which house he lives. Now it's up to us to

      The Gita is a scripture of psychology.

      If you want to counsel yourself, read Bhagavad Gita and relate yourself
      to it.

      For any relationship, it will give you the answer.

      Philosophy, religion, psychology, spirituality, yoga, Ayurveda, art of
      life, anything you want to mention is there.

      If someone is a psychologist, they must read and contemplate Bhagavad
      Gita on a daily basis.

      We all need a psychological treatment like Krishna gave to Arjuna about
      the Self.

      The second chapter is based on the nature of Atman, nature of Self.

      The Self is ever pure, ever free, ever wise.

      It is untouched.

      Next time:
      Arjuna comes out of this moha/delusion and learns about the six
      enemies of life.

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