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Sources of Energy, # 3

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    Sources of Energy, # 3 By Swami Veda THOUGHT is a great souce of energy. For example, having a firm faith in something often becomes a driving force of such
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      Sources of Energy, # 3
      By Swami Veda

      THOUGHT is a great souce of energy. For example, having a firm faith
      in something
      often becomes a driving force of such potent strength that a wiry
      frame, a bag of bones, like Mahatma Gandhi can lead an entire nation to
      almost impossible lofty heights. His energy did riot arise from
      muscles and nerves; it arose from carefully cultivated positive
      thoughts in which he had firm conviction and faith -- which were not
      dogmatic nor competitive with anything else. [Gandhi said, "Strength
      does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable
      will."] To be pure, a faith must not be competitive; it must not be
      against something. Any faith that is against, something is not an
      energizing faith. Any faith which is an abandoning of something else
      is not an energizing faith.

      Blockage of energy occurs through wrong karmas. The words, "wrong
      karmas" do not mean past karma They mean the karma of now, the karrna
      now being gathered in the form of our thoughts. The karma that you are
      now doing will affect your future energy levels. Wrong, karma, for
      example, is a jealous thought, a guilty thought, an unloving thought, a
      me-centered thought, a thought in which the washing-soap of the Four
      Right Attitudes (friendship and love, compassion, joy at seeing others
      make spiritual progress, and indifference to evil) is not used.
      Therefore, any me-centered thought is a de-energizing thought. An
      energizing thought is not a thought that suppresses a negative
      thought; an energizing thought is a thought that replaces a negative
      thought. Such a positive thought is an energizing thought.

      A beautiful thought, a peaceful thought, is the greatest source of
      human energy -- a thought such as love. For example, I spoke of food.
      Food purchased from a fast-food place and gobbled, not eaten is not a
      source of energy. But food that someone prepares with gentle an loving
      thoughts, with you in mind and then is given to you and you enjoy it
      because it is an act of love, this food then is a source of energy. It
      is more a source of energy than food which is prepared without the
      thought of love in the mind. Without love being directed to flow
      through the fingers of the person who is cooking, there is no energy.
      For this reason, the pie made by grandmother was seldom overeaten, but
      pie made in the popular pie shops is over-eaten because, though it
      fills the stomach, it does not fill the mind.
      The love that gives you energy must be repaid. Food that you do not
      eat, but that you give to someone else out of love, also gives you
      energy. The energy there is the energy of a loving thought. Food
      prepared with someone in mind and handed to them personally is a source
      of energy to both the giver and the receiver.


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