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  • John Zavrel
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      Date: July 7, 2011 1:00:57 PM EDT
      Subject: Thursday Program
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      The Meditation Center
      2-Minute Meditations     Worldwide Meditations     Yoga Nidra      Silence Retreats
      Thursday Program Tonight!    
       Applied Nothingness
      The application of emptiness and nothingness in everyday life 
      with Hanakia Zedek 


      6:00 pm Hatha Yoga   
      7:00 pm Guided Meditation 
      7:45 pm Satsang with Hanakia Zedek 
      8:30 pm Soup!
      9:00 pm Clean up and evening prayers


      In many cases when human beings reach their personal depth they try to escape it as soon as they get there. It is an uncomfortable feeling. It can feel like death or solitude. Many people fear this. Then there are those who visit from time to time yet, still cannot maintain that space consistently in their lives. Nothingness is part of our lives; it is where we are from. When a human is filled with emptiness they are free. Join Hanakia Zedek for a discussion on ways to access this place and practical applications of this concept in everyday life.  
      All are welcome!   
      Spiritual Festival 2011
      Faye Berton Workshop!
      This weekend! 
      A benefit workshop to help digitize Swami Veda's lectures. 
      July 8-9
      The Meditation Center 
      Click Here for more information


      Bones for Life consists of 90 processes and is a complete course in how to align posture in movement in order to revitalize bones.  It engages the body's inherent intelligence and the result is not only more reliable bones but elegance and ease of all body movement.  It is an effective, holistic option for those with osteopenia and osteoporosis
      Summer Yoga Congress 2011
      Creating Joy:  
      The Art and Science of Yoga
      Become A Yoga Teacher!
      July 2011
      Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training Program at St. Thomas University, St. Paul MN.  
      Offering Continuing Education Credits! 
      2013 All Teachers and Sangha Gathering in Rishikesh, India. Before Swami Veda takes a 5 year vow of silence. 
      Visit Our Online Bookstore!

      to purchase hundreds of books by teachers from The Himalayan Yoga Tradtion and more! 
      The Meditation Center
      631 University Ave NE Minneapolis
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      Affiliate of the Association of
      Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International
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