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Ricochet Dream Newsletter - January 2005

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    www.ricochetdream.com Newsletter - January 11, 2005 Greetings EM Fans and Friends, Here is the second newsletter from Ricochet Dream, which promotes Berlin
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      Newsletter - January 11, 2005
      Greetings EM Fans and Friends,
      Here is the second newsletter from Ricochet Dream, which promotes Berlin retro and new electronic music to fans that have happened to discover this beautiful "hidden" world of music!. As with many new efforts, things may not be as sophisticated at first, but I will work on improving this newsletter each month, but still keeping it simple.
      ~~~^^^~~~ Latest News ~~~^^^~~~
      Jan. 02, 2005
      I had a chance to listen to all the Poland 2004 recordings. The 2CDR demo as well as the Poland 2004 DVD is coming together soon. Thanks for your patience. There is a lot of material to evaluate.
      Jan. 03, 2005
      Johanness Schmoelling - Weltmusik 2CD set in stock. Lot's of spoken German here - similar to "Laufen" - recommended for the collector only. I just have a few copies left.
      Jan. 07, 2005
      Michael Garrison Tribute CDs arrive in stock and are sold out. More are being ordered, but all those that placed orders have one already set aside for you.
      Jan. 11, 2005
      Arcane 33 1/3 rpm is in stock. Complete orders will be shipped this week.
      Jan. 11, 2005
      New Edgar Froese CDs are available:
      - Dalinecopia
      - Ages
      - Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
      $18.00 each.
      I will stock limited quantities of each title, so please place you order now. I will have them in stock on Feb. 05, 2005. I also plan to have Tangerine Dream Vault 4 4CD release at this time. Price is tentative at $49.90, so place your orders now, since I will not stock these on a continous basis.
      Also, as far as other Tangerine Dream CD orders, I was sent a shipment about two weeks before Christmas, but I'm afraid it may have been sent by seamail, hence the delay in filling the outstanding orders for TDI CDs. I'll ship ASAP once they arrive.
      ~~~^^^~~~ New Releases ~~~^^^~~~
      See items above.
      ~~~^^^~~~ Upcoming Next Month ~~~^^^~~~
      **Ricochet Gathering Poland 2004 - 4CDR Demo will be released.
      **Plans will be announced for Ricochet Gathering 2005 at Canary Islands, Spain (and webpage will be updated with new information and pictures).
      **Gomera 2005 musician terms will be delivered to the invited musicians. Preliminary line-ups may be announced.
      ~~~^^^~~~ Fan Comments ~~~^^^~~~
      Any important fan questions and/or feedback will be posted here.
      ~~~^^^~~~ Wish List  ~~~^^^~~~
      Looking for:
      Mario Schonwalder - Eye of the Chameleon
      Mario Schonwalder - Hypnotic Beats, Musique Intemporelle label
      Synco - Evolution of Events
      Klaus Schulze - Box 2 CDs 11-20
      Klaus Schulze - Box 3 CDs 21-30
      Send in your top wants - you may get lucky!
      ~~~^^^~~~ Just Stuff ~~~^^^~~~
      Some emails from Germany and Poland (especially) are still bouncing on my @verizon domain.
      I have not filters, so it must be at the server levels and I'm trying to resolve this.
      But this alternate email always seems to work: tangerinedream@...
      Vic Rek
      I always encourage that you read the information at the website for all the latest and detailed information on what Ricochet Dream is all about and which lastest EM releases are in stock.
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