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Tangerine Dream Rarities #001

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  • Ricochet Dream
    Dear EM & Tangerine Dream Fans, It s early February and I have just started to go through some of the archives. I m finding some rare items that don t see the
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      Dear EM & Tangerine Dream Fans,
      It's early February and I have just started to go through some of the archives.
      I'm finding some rare items that don't see the light-of-day too often, even on eBay. And some are absolute rarities.
      So before put them on eBay, I'll give you first chance to bid on them.
      Just send me your final bid (or questions) on the item to email: info@... (ALL prices in US $$$)
      Feel free to ask questions. Bidding ends on February 21, 2011. I reserve the right to pull an item from this auction.
      We are kicking off a historic Tangerine Dream rarities auction/sales list that will continue periodically as long as there are TD fans in this universe!
      So here is the first short list (only 7 this time) - all Tangerine Dream (all MINT to MINT-, unless noted):
      Rarities List #001:
      a1: A Time for Heroes - Silver/Blue PROMO CD in special blue/red/white LaserVideo cardboard sleeve MB 450
      a2: Luminous Visions Soundtrack - Special WHITE promo CD by Sony ASK 3926 - in slimeline case with color insert MB 350
      a3: Atem - Australia Polydor - White Label Test Pressing LP MB 250
      a4: Rumpelstiltskin - Rabbit Ears Japan VACR-1005, PROMO CD with OBI MB 150
      a5: Le Parc - UK CHIP 26 (German original release) w/special "CHIP 26" sticker on back. Rarest UK TD CD release MB 75
      a6: The Dream Mixes - 2CD TDI Issue with Japan MAR 96308~9 (OBI) MB 50
      a7: Turn of the Tides - Canada CMPCD 2806 (BMG Club) MB 25
      I hope to have more of these offers for the fans as we await new Tangerine Dream surprises in 2011.
      Go ahead and grab one off this list. Your MB may be the winner. These are all TD treasures IMHO.
      Best wishes,
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