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book by D.C.H.S. is in the works ... 11-14-11

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  • Bob Friend
    Karen-- Thanks for the tip. I just talked with Sharon and said I would send her some things. Please note her e-mail in case YOU want to contact her:
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      Thanks for the tip.  I just talked with Sharon and said I would send her some things.  Please note her e-mail in case  YOU  want to contact her:

      sharonzonker@... .

      I am also copying this to the folks on lists created around the time of the 2009 Richland Schools Reunion to help spread the word.

      Robert E. Friend
      512 Greenview Dr.
      Wauconda IL 60084-2555
      PHONE + FAX:  847-487-6535
      CELL:                    708-860-1123
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      Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 3:21 PM
      Subject: Richland schools

      Hi Bob,
      I found something out that you might be able to help with or maybe you already know about it. The Historical Society is doing a book about all the township schools in DeKalb and are trying to compile memories, pictures, maps of the rooms etc. I know you have lots of those memories. You can write them down and send to Sharon Zonker, 103 Zona Drive, Auburn, IN 46706. Phone no. is 260-925-0126. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from you. Also, she is making a quilt with each block a school with the name underneath it and anyone that provides information, she is embroidering their signature in the binding. I thought she might also enjoy hearing from some older ones and wonder if you have the address of Joe and June Mason. Since you worked on the country school reunion and they came, thought you would have it. I think she said they want to finish this up pretty soon.
      Hope all is going well for you.
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