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Bob's mom's old tea kettle (c. 1950s) ... 5-17-10

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  • Bob Friend
    attachments: 02- Bob s mom s old tea kettle (c. 1950s) (near our patio) ========================================= Thought you all might get a kick out of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2010
      02- Bob's mom's old tea kettle (c. 1950s)
      (near our patio) 
      Thought you all might get a kick out of seeing how Kerstin so nicely arranged flowers in my mother's old tea kettle.  Mom had used this since, at least, the earliest days of my childhood in Northeast Indiana.  My brother Mark gave it to me some years ago. 
      The kettle recalls a lot of memories every time I look at it.  For one thing, that first house we lived in (which Mom dubbed "The Crackerbox"), on State Route 327 south of Corunna, Indiana,  had no inside plumbing other than cold running water in the kitchen (and a spigot outside for a hose).  We "did our business" in an outhouse.  For bathing, we heated water in that tea kettle and poured it into a basin in the sink for a "sponge bath" -- yes, the kitchen was also our bathroom.  All this continued until we moved to nearby Waterloo just before my seventh year in school.
      I will not try to go down memory lane by recreating today that method of bathing -- I prefer a shower, and the old tea kettle is corroded (plus I drilled holes in the bottom to allow drainage for the plants)!
               --Bob Friend
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