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Richland Township Students !! ... RE note from Janis (Myers) Sproat ... 1-22-10

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  • Bob Friend
    Thanks for your comments, Janis. It really was great to see all those who attended the first Richland Twp. Schools Reunion last June. However, I think having
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      Thanks for your comments, Janis.  It really was great to see all those who attended the first Richland Twp. Schools Reunion last June.
      However, I think having another one in 2010 seems a bit too soon.  My vote would be to skip it this year and schedule it for 2011.  Personally, I have a lot going on this year -- including the WHS Class of '65 forty-five-year reunion.  One nice thing about having it every odd-numbered year is that I am pretty sure the Waterloo Alumni Assoc. would be happy to insert a little Richland blurb in their mailing, as they did last year.
      I am not the boss here in any way -- this is just my opinion.  If a lot of other people want to have it again this year, I will try to attend -- but I will not be able to put any time into the planning.
      Kindly keep me posted on any other responses you get.  Thanks for all the time you put into making the 2009 reunion such a success.  And good luck with that broken foot!
                          Your friend,
                          Bob Friend
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      I am trying to send this on my own.  I broke my right foot before Thanksgiving and still am not able to put weight on it.  So I am bored.  So rather than ask Bobby for help, I am doing this by myself.  Hum.  I have heard from several Richland students that they would like to get together again this year.  I would like some input from you.  We had it the second Saturday in June.  Would that work for most of you?  Maybe even start setting up earlier so we don't have to eat and run.  I thought I might try to see if there would be a place inside so if it were to rain, we wouldn't melt.   If you know of someone that was not there last year, give us their name and e-mail.  If you don't have it or know where they are, Bobby does a good job of snooping them out.  I have dial up so I don't get on the yahoo sight that Bobby sit up for us.  Shame on me.  And I am not as smart as he is on the PC.  But let me know what you think of another reunion.  It looks like I am off work for at least another 4-5 weeks.  Hard to brake the bus with a bad right foot.  Ouch!  Let me know.  God Bless Everyone, Janis (Myers) Sproat 



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