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LYNN KIRKPATRICK re: 1947 Rutherford's Indian Chief motorcycle ... 10-14-09

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  • Bob Friend
    I am hanging onto my dad s childhood ice-skates, and I think Lynn will be hanging onto HIS dad s motorcycle goggles! GREAT story, Lynn !!! --BOB FRIEND ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2009
      I am hanging onto my dad's childhood ice-skates, and I think Lynn will be hanging onto  HIS  dad's motorcycle goggles!
      GREAT  story, Lynn !!!
                      --BOB  FRIEND

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      From: Lynn and Debbie Kirkpatrick
      Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 7:03 PM
      Subject: RE: 1947 Indian Chief ... Rutherford's motorcycle looked a lot like this ... 10-14-09

      I remember the Indian, but I don't remember when Dad sold it, probably before I was 7-8.  It was in the north half of the garage.  Kay and Sue and I used to play on it.  One of my earliest memories was that dad had stripped all of the parts off of it and repainted the frame in the kitchen of our house.  I have this image of it setting on newspapers under the window of the east wall.
      Dad told the story of taking me and Jerry for a ride on it.  I sat in front of him on the gas tank and Jerry sat on the rear fender with his feet in the saddle bags.  Dad told us that he was weaving it back and forth, scraping the foot rests on the gravel, I was laughing (not old enough to be scared) and Jerry was hanging on for dear life.
      Dad used to ride it to work in Ft. Wayne.  He told the story one time that he decided to see what top speed was with it.  He was going along at a good clip, laying down on the tank to cut wind resistance and couldn't see the speedo.  He started to raise himself up to see and the wind got under his chest really lifted him up.  He decided that was fast enough and backed off of the throttle.  I seem to remember him saying the speedo was showing 130.  That seems awful fast and I don't know how high they read. 
      I still have a pair of dad's goggles.

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