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What to do and NOT to do re ... 4-22-09

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  • Bob Friend
    Yesterday, I invited you to join a new Yahoo!Group based around attendance at (or interest in) East Richland, West Richland or Corunna grade schools. I hope
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2009
      Yesterday, I invited you to join a new Yahoo!Group based around attendance at (or interest in) East Richland, West Richland or Corunna grade schools.  I hope you decide to join.  If not, I will still continue to send you reunion updates, etc., directly to your individual e-mail address as I've done before. 
      I am going to get a couple of items up onto the site, but I can't invest a ton of time until I see what kind of response my invitation to join has garnered.  Your e-mail address will remain confidential, as it is viewed only by the Moderator (me). 
      I am encouraged that already, today, my brother Jim and my cousin Margie logged on.  WELCOME -- and thanks!
      Just remember, you can't send a message to the Group until you register.
      The e-mail below is the result of my attempting to send a (TEST) message from an unregistered (my own GSM business) e-mail account.
      Note that you must register before sending a message to our new Yahoo!Group.
      To join the group, just follow the "If you would like to subscribe..." instructions below.  IT'S  QUICK  AND  EASY.  Thanks!
                          --BOB  ("Bobby") FRIEND
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