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Bob re frequency of Richland Reunion, newspaper article, etc. ... 6-15-09

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    ... Ken Surber, who is active in the Waterloo C. of C. and who was probably the main guy behind getting the Waterloo Monarch newspaper started, asked me on
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      Ken Surber, who is active in the Waterloo C. of C. and who was probably the main guy behind getting the Waterloo Monarch newspaper started, asked me on Saturday to write an article for that paper.  I left W'loo on Sat. and got home late.  So Sunday morning I wrote the article and sent it to Ken, along with a few key photos and captions -- meeting his noon deadline.  I will be sending you all a copy of the article & pix.  I do not know how that little paper is distributed, but Ken said the issue is coming out  TOMORROW, the 16th.  So you Waterloo locals should be on the lookout for it; Janis, you might wanna save a few copies for your Reunion file (and one for me in case Ken forgets to mail me one).

      Janis, if by "the paper" you meant the Star, I would not hold up a lot of hope of getting a follow-up article or pix printed there.  My understanding was that Lindsay Brown or someone else would show up to cover it.  That did not happen.  Well, I will send her and her editor an e-mail anyway -- just to see if they want something; couldn't hurt, I guess.

      The rest of the pix I shot also turned out fine, but I have to edit them.  Need to get caught up, but in a few days I will send y'all a link to them; just hang in there, OK?  Thanks.

      I guess not everyone realizes that Corunna is indeed in Richland Twp. -- but on all the flyers, etc., the word  "CORUNNA"  was in the same size font as W.R. & E.R., so go figure.

      I am not sure with our small "staff" that every other year is feasible.  Two years just  FLIES  by at my own advanced age.  My own thought here is to have it every  FOUR  years, i.e., the week after  EVERY  OTHER  Waterloo Alumni Dinner.  Yes, some folks will be gone to the hereafter by then -- and I guess that's the main downside.  The only way to make it happen every two years would be for a bunch of folks to "step up to the plate" and assume committee chairmanships and sub-positions so the work is spread around a bit.  This aspect re frequency does not have to be settled now; I suggest we all take a breather and see how we feel a years from now.
      Thanks to all who showed up on the 13th.  I only wish I'd had more time to chat with the attendees and look at mementoes, but I felt it was essential that I do the photo coverage thoroughly.  BTW, you will  LOVE  the class pix -- so glad we beat the rain so I could get y'all "shot" !!  The whole thing was a lot of fun, even though I did not get a chance to reconnect with Jinger Mason because she and Josie had a conflict re a wedding near Chicago.  However, Dad Joe and Mom June we at the reunion, and it was so great to talk with them a bit.
      Looking forward to the next reunion, WHENEVER  it is !
                          --Little Bobby of Fike's Corners and Kirk's Hill Forever...
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      You are welcome.  Will you be on the committee next time?  I hope Bob got some good pictures.  The paper once said that if I had pictures of an event, they would put it in the paper.  So with the three pictures and list of names, it might spark some interest for the next time.  My mom asked Bev Shippy (??) why she wasn't there and she said "it was only for the Richland schools.  Some of us from Corunna said that we should have one too."  My mom tried to explain to her that it was for all three schools.  She didn't quite understand.  Someone else told mom the same thing.  They wish they would have known that it included Corunna, they would have been there.  Like I said, we get pictures and list of names and maybe the mention that they want to have one again.  Maybe in two years?  Or every year according to Phil B. !!!??  I told him I would put him down on the committee.  Just told me to leave a message.  I guess the hardest part was putting up all the signs and making the sloppy joe.  Which wasn't that bad if I had not been feeding fish to a bunch of hungry people.  Plus not knowing how much would be needed.  The not knowing part is what is hard.  With all the e-mails Bob should have gotten, the next one should not be that hard to do.  Word of mouth was what I heard most of them say was how they knew about it.  And, it was in the paper Friday for the calendar of events.  Next time, it needs to go on Froggy Radio earlier.  If it is set for like the second Saturday in June, every year, or every other, or even odd or even year, that would stick in a person mind.  I would hope, but not sure. 
      Sending copies to others so they know this too.  Glad you had a good time.  God Bless, Janis 
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