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Sixteen Cemetery "clean up day" (6-6-09) and Sixteen Cemetery Tour (6-8-09)

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  • Bob Friend
    I am forwarding to you fellow Richland Twp. Schools alumni the e-mail (below) that I received from Rozzy Wells of the DeKalb Co. Indiana Genealogical Society,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2009
      I am forwarding to you fellow Richland Twp. Schools alumni the e-mail (below) that I received from Rozzy Wells of the DeKalb Co. Indiana Genealogical Society, of which I am a life member.  I will be driving to Waterloo on Sat. the 6th (for the Waterloo Alumni Dinner) and will probably not get there in time to help with the stones at "16."  Incidentally, I know that cemetery well -- a number of my forebears are interred there, and I used to mow the place back in my mid- and late-teens.
      However, I already knew of the tour being conducted on Monday the 8th, and will definitely be there for that.
      So if any of you DeKalb Co. locals could lend a hand this Saturday, I know Rozzy would appreciate it.  Same goes for any of you out-of-towners who will be coming "back home" a bit early regarding attendance at our Richland Township Schools Reunion on Sat. the 13th.
      You may contact Rozzy at rozwells@... .
                           --BOB  FRIEND
      (P.S. TO ROZZY: I have added you to this list, since you have a great interest in the "olden tymes."
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 6:43 PM
      Subject: Sixteen cemetery "clean up day" and Sixteen cemetery Tour

          Saturday, June 6.    DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society is sponsoring a “clean up” day for Sixteen cemetery.  We will be hopefully repairing (or putting together) some of the bigger stones.  We also may be cleaning some stones before they get repaired.  Volunteers are needed to help please.  Jim Wells will be the “director” for the cemetery repair part.  It will take about four guys to help move the hoist since the ground is so soft in spots.  Poison Ivy is bad – bring gloves if you get poison ivy easy and also some mosquito spray that you usually use – we will have two bottles but as bad as they are – not sure how long that will last.  Sixteen is located on the north side of 327 about half way between Garrett and Corunna.  From the town of Corunna , take SR327 south 2.4 miles just past CR34 on north side of SR327.  SR327 "jogs" right where the cemetery is.  The cemetery is near the Lutherans in Mission Parrish, Zion 16 Church  3583 CR327.    We will be there at 9:00 and will work till about 5:00.  Even if you can only come a couple of hours, it will be appreciated.  Please dress accordingly because it will be messy work!


           Monday, June 8 6:00 p.m. will be our regular Genealogy Society meeting at the Sixteen cemetery – a light misty rain or clouds, we will have our meeting  but if we get thunderstorms, we will cancel until the next day – Tuesday June 9.  If both days have thunderstorms during the early evening, we will have to reschedule.  If you are not sure if we are having the meeting, please call me – Roselyn Wells 925-0384 or 235-0953 (but don’t use the cell unless you absolutely have to because I have limited minutes – thanks!)  Again, dress accordingly – mosquitoes and poison ivy are both very vicious!  Bring mosquito spray and maybe a chair for the first part of the meeting & refreshments.  Reba Sliger will be providing refreshments. 



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