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36UPDATE >> Bob STILL needs some help IDing E.R. & W.R. "schoolkids" ... 7-13-09

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  • Bob Friend
    Jul 13, 2009
      SCROLL  DOWN... and take another look at the E.R. pic; just missing a few names here.  HELP?
      Also, below that, there is a  CROPPED  AND  NUMBERED  version on the W.R. pic with a revised list under it.
      I have faith we will get through this someday !!!
                  --BOB  FRIEND
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      Sent: Saturday, July 11, 2009 12:16 PM
      Subject: UPDATE >> Bob STILL needs some help IDing E.R. & W.R. "schoolkids" ... 7-11-09

      Another update below, thanks largely to Stan Hoke. 
      ALL -- please (incl. Stan) make sure this is now correct to the best of your knowledge.
      NOTE:  When you send me any changes, please be sure to erase the question marks and blanks at the location where you are inserting a name;  AND  IT  REALLY  HELPS  when you put your additions/corrections in  RED.
      Thanks again to all who have and are still helping me with this !!!!!!!!!!!
                      --BOB  FRIEND
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      Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 12:38 PM
      Subject: Bob STILL needs some help IDing E.R. & W.R. "schoolkids" ... 7-9-09

      Thanks to those of you who e-mailed me yesterday.  Some of the blanks are now filled in -- BUT  NOT  ALL.
      The names now shown under the pix include the ones added today.
      To possibly assist you, here are the names of those folks that, by my reckoning, should be in one of the E.R. or W.R. pix but are not yet listed below: Arthur Carper, John Farrington, Meredyth (Hoke) Wollmann, Stanley Hoke, Shirley (Johnson) Springer, Charlotte (LaRowe) Whittington, Evelyn (LaRowe) Russell, Ballard Leins, Jack Miser, Donna (Shippy) Hartman, Karl Sliger, Ken Sliger, Frank "Bud" Tuttle, Marilyn (Tuttle) Cook.
      I  THINK that's Stan Hoke in the right-center of the W.R. back row, next to Jerry Gibson.  Am I right ???
      Try to get back to me ASAP, please.  Thanks.
                         --Little Bobby of Fike's Corners and Kirk's Hill
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2009 5:08 PM
      Subject: Bob needs some help IDing E.R. & W.R. "schoolkids" ... 7-8-09

      Hey, I'm back!  Need some help again !!!  (Please ????)
      The only rather tricky part in IDing these pix is the size and unevenness of the last (standing) row of the West Richland pic.  Just remember you go by the placement of the person's  HEAD -- one person may be standing somewhat in front of another, but you go by the  HEAD  re "left-to-right."  (I hope this makes sense.)  The other rows should pose no problem for you.
      You will recall that the Corunna "kids" have been all positively identified.  Here are the shots & captions re E.R. and W.R.; I hope some of you can  FILL  IN  THE  BLANKS -- thanks!
                   --BOB  FRIEND

      UPDATED  7-11-09  >>>

      E  A  S  T

      R  I  C  H  L  A  N  D

      S  C  H  O  O  L

      G R A D E S   1 ~ 8

      J U N E   13,   2009

                                                                    FOR  A  LARGER  VIEW  OF  THIS  PIC.]

      FRONT  ROW,  LEFT  TO  RIGHT (on ground):

      Pat (Farrington) Rothenhofer, Jean (Bowman) Shaffer, __??__ , Diane (LaRowe) Smith .


      MIDDLE  ROW,  LEFT  TO  RIGHT ( on chairs):

      Judy (Payton) Drerup, __??__ , Betty (Boren) Shuff, Lucille (Grogg) Lee, Pauline (Blair) Livergood, Karen (Pfefferkorn) Walker, Art Cobbs.


      BACK  ROW,  LEFT  TO  RIGHT (standing):

      Alan LaRowe, __??__ , Sandra (Payton) Ousley, Beverly (Boren) McClish, Helen (Pepple) Buckmaster, Cindy (Farrington) Rottger, Harry Rottger, Tresa (Voirol) Bishop, Carl Cobbs, Max Rynearson.

      UPDATED  7-11-09  >>>

      W  E  S  T

      R  I  C  H  L  A  N  D

      S  C  H  O  O  L

      G R A D E S   1 ~ 8

      J U N E   13,   2009

       [GO  TO  WEBSITE  http://fotobyfriend.smugmug.com/gallery/8663581_Cah8U/4/572103702_rDiJq/Large
                                                                    FOR  A  LARGER  VIEW  OF  THIS  PIC.]

      FRONT  ROW,  LEFT  TO  RIGHT (sitting on ground):

      Marilyn Nessel, Connie (Roop) Combs, Barbara ( Brandon ) Ault, Nancy ( Brandon ) Fike,  Rhonda (Eldridge) Rhoades, Pat (Farrington) Rothenhofer.


      MIDDLE  ROW,  LEFT  TO  RIGHT (kneeling or on chairs):

      Jerry Bill Pepple, Bob Friend, Emmajeane (Girardot) Roop, Anita (Hoke) Stoner, Mary (Haynes) Wolf, Meredyth (Hoke) Wollmann, Carolyn (Hovarter) Stahl, Bob Eldridge.


      BACK  ROW,  LEFT  TO  RIGHT (standing):


      FOR  THE  BACK  ROW  ID's, see cropped and numbered pic below with corresponding list of names.  I think this is the only way we are going to get this row figured out!  Please make any corrections in  RED  on the list below the pic,  TO  THE  RIGHT  OF  WHAT'S  THERE, leaving what is there in place for my reference.  THANKS !!!!!!!!!  --Bob F.



      1.     Ballard Leins

      2.     John Farrington

      3.     KEN  OR  KARL  Sliger ???

      4.     KEN  OR  KARL  Sliger ???

      5.     Harold Deihl

      6.     Frank “Bud” Tuttle ???

      7.     Lynn Kirkpatrick

      8.     Janis (Myers) Sproat

      9.     Phil Brechbill

      10.    Nancy (Guinther) Treesh

      11.    Helen (Pepple) Buckmaster

      12.    Susanna (Nicholas) Johnson
      13.     Stanley Hoke

      14.    __??__

      15.     Marilyn (Tuttle) Cook

      16.    Jerry Gibson

      17.    Valetta Ann (Shippy) Gibson

      18.    __??__

      19.    Lee Friend

      20.    Marge (Myers) Norris

      21.    Bonnie (Friend) Blastick

      22.    Joe Eldridge

      23.    Jim Friend