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25List of Attendees' Names_ RTSR_ 6-13-09

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  • Bob Friend
    Jun 25, 2009
    List of Attendees' Names_ RTSR_ 6-13-09
    Hi, All--
    Janis wanted me to send her a list of attendees.  See attached (and copied below).
    Some were  REALLY  hard to read.  Kindly take a look, and if you can help figure out some of these names to which I have added question marks, let me know.  Thanks.
                       --BOB  FRIEND

    List  of  Richland  Twp.  Schools   Reunion  Attendees'  Names



    (Compiled  by  Bob  Friend  on  6-25-09)


    Phil Patterson

    Marge (Myers) Norris

    Betty (Boren) Shuff

    Allen C. Hohman

    Nancy (Guinther) Treesh

    Judy (Payton) Drerup

    Joe (looks like “Voisse”????) -- rural Angola / no phone

    Nancy Fike (maiden name?)

    Carl Cobbs

    Karl B. Sliger

    Bill Patterson

    Marg Patterson (married name/no maiden name listed)

    Barbara ( Brandon ) Ault

    David Patterson

    Steve Friend

    Emmajeane (Girardot) Roop

    Phil Brechbill

    Patty (Patterson) Myers

    Sandra (Payton) Ousley

    Stanley Hoke (also wrote “Carol” in parentheses -- wife?)

    Mary (Haynes) Wolf (also wrote down “David” -- husband, I presume)

    Marilyn Nessel

    Jim Friend

    Art Cobbs

    Jean (Bowman) Shaffer (I  THINK  it’s “Shaffer,” anyway)

    Carolyn (Hovarter) Stahl

    Diane (LaRowe) Smith

    Anita (Hoke) Stoner

    Joe Mason

    Rhonda (Eldridge) Rhoades

    Frank E. “Bud” Tuttle

    Jerry (I  THINK!) Gibson

    Lee Friend

    Beverly (Boren) McClish (?? -- a guess/really hard to read)

    Susanna (Nicholas) Johnson

    Pauline (Livergood) Blair

    Marilyn (Tuttle) Cook

    Valetta Ann (Shippy) Gibson

    Donna (Shippy) Hartman

    Ken Sliger

    Bonnie (Friend) Blastick

    Shirley (Johnson) Springer

    Arthur W. Carper

    Lynn Kirkpatrick

    Max Rynearson

    Connie (Roop) Combs

    Jim & Roz Wells (GUESTS re DeKalb Co. Indiana Genealogy Society)

    Wava (Schmidt) Brandon Sebert

    Helen (Pepple) Buckmaster

    Meredyth (Hoke) Wollmann

    Joe Eldridge

    Bob Eldridge

    Jack Miser

    Cindy (Farrington) Rottger

    Harry Rottger

    Harold C. Deihl

    Alan LaRowe (also wrote “Ann”/wife, I presume)

    Pat (Farrington) Rothenhofer (also wrote “Larry”/husband)

    Charlotte (LaRowe?) Whittington (??? -- just a guess/really hard to read)

    John Farrington

    Evelyn (LaRowe) Russell

    Lucille (Grogg?) Lee

    Karen (Pfefferkorn)Walker

    Dan Ousley

    Ballard Leins

    Tresa (Voirol) Bishop

    Helen (Mason) Cook

    John D. Mason

    Janis (Myers) Sproat (added to list by Bob Friend, who can vouch she was there !!!)

    Bob Friend