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Re: blacks and arms

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  • Patrick O'Kelley
    Howdy, ... Negro in the ... states that when ... following ... under Colonel ... of blacks ... definitely later in ... These are the units we have been talking
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      > Another text dealing with blacks during the Revolution is "The
      Negro in the
      > American Revolution" by Benjamin Quarles. In the text, Quarles
      states that when
      > Augusta fell in 1781 there were 200 black soldiers on duty. The
      > spring in Savannah there was an infantry corps of armed negroes
      under Colonel
      > Thomas Brown. And, interestingly, in 1782 a cavalry unit comprised
      of blacks
      > was formed of "not more than 100". Not great numbers and
      definitely later in
      > the war, but interesting none-the-less.

      These are the units we have been talking about. The "armed
      negroes" under Brown were most likely the combination of slaves
      working on the trenches, and the Black Pioneers. They were actually
      with Moncrieff, but Quarles wrote that book in 1961, and didn't have
      access to information that has come to light since then. Reading my
      own book (what a concept!) I noticed that there is another Black
      officer with the British. This was Captain William Hanscomb, who was
      a free Black man at Savannah with the Black Pioneers.
      Quarles was mistaken about 200 Black soldiers on duty at Augusta
      in 1781. The only Blacks I can find there were a handful of slaves
      who were working in Fort Cornwallis.
      The 1782 cavalry unit has already been mentioned here, and they
      were the Independent Troop of Black Dragoons, under the command of
      Captain March and Lieutenant Mingo.

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      the Carolinas
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      Volume Three 1781
      Volume Four 1782
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