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  • Mick
    Greetigns all on the end of this Holiday Weekend (In the US). I have just returned from Rhode Island after an amazing event. Despite reports of possible bad
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      Greetigns all on the end of this Holiday Weekend (In the US). I have
      just returned from Rhode Island after an amazing event. Despite
      reports of possible bad weather, the only rain was late Saturday
      night for only about 15 minutes.

      Arriving early Saturday morning, I I found that I was the only Butler
      Ranger there. This remained the case throughout. The King's Rangers
      allowed me to fall in with them, so I set up my tent with Kristin on
      their company street. The morning Trooping of Colors was much
      quicker than at Monmouth, no more than 20 minutes long. Saturday was
      still very humid and breathing was not that easy.

      The turnout for the event was fairly impressive. Satruday's battle
      was fought through the woods where there was a terrible overgrowth of
      thorn bushes. We were fighting off of any real path. This was very
      uncomfortable since the going was difficult with the unsteady
      footing, and a big hill to climb. These conditions combined with the
      humidity were very tiring. Eventually, we ended up in a clearing
      where the spectators could see us all. A large cannon barrage (there
      was much more artillery than at Monmouth) went off. A standoff
      existed for about 15 minutes.

      The Rangers and Provincials then moved around the enemy flank, going
      back into the woods (urgh) and took the redoubt from behind. The
      rest of the army crushed the rebels. It was a glorious day for the
      King's troops. Returning to my tent, Kristin greeted me and was
      happy to see that I was still alive. We then went to Applebees for

      That night it grew cool, but it was much better as the humidity
      dropped. Sleeping was a snap and we awoke to a beautiful Sunday.
      There was no morning ceremony, so we took in the musical
      demonstration and then the highlight of anything I saw; a flogging.
      A poor soldier of the 4th regt was flogged for stealing the watch of
      an officer in the 10th regt. I am sure the rascal will think twice
      before he does such activity again.

      The Sunday battle was excellent. Fighting through several fields we
      finally pushed the rebels past a stone wall and to the very end of
      the field. I was trying to ignore this purely pro-rebel blathery
      coming from the narrator as I fought on. Meeting my end 10 minutes
      before the long battle came to an end - the rebel bullet found my
      right leg. After a parley was beaten my wound healed quickly and I
      rose to join the King's who were still very nice to me and I thanked
      them for allowing my presence. At least the Butler's were
      represented at this large event.

      Kristin made the whole treck behind the troops and back barefoot. It
      was a couple of miles at least and she had many blisters. She was a
      true hardcore ranger herself and I am proud of her. She showed that
      Butler's CCM corps is toughest too Huzzah! She also gave many "God
      Save The King" yells to the collumn along the way, lifting the
      spirits of the men.

      Finally, leaving the event we had a great time. We wished that we
      had other Butler's around to eat, talk and generally share comradarie
      with. We look forward to seeing many of you at German Flats, since
      we most likely will not make Cherry Valley for family function.

      Your humble servant,

      Mickey Wind, Frey's Co., Butler's Ranger Corps.
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