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Working with artillery

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  • Walter M. McIntyre
    Liz, Please contact me offlist. Thanks, Walter McIntyre wmm@vnet.net Col. Locke s Militia Co./Kingsbury s NC Artillery Co. www.angelfire.com/nc/Lockes Much of
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 3, 2003
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      Please contact me offlist.

      Walter McIntyre
      Col. Locke's Militia Co./Kingsbury's NC Artillery Co.

      Much of our time is employed in raising men, making Cannon, muskets, and
      merely finding out ways and means of supplying
      our troops with Cloathes, provisions, and ammunition. We appear to have
      everything we want. We resolve to raise regiments.
      resolve to make Cannon, resolve to make and import muskets, powder and
      cloathing, but it is a melancholly fact that near half
      of our men, Cannon, muskets, powder, cloathes, etc., is to be found nowhere
      but on paper.

      Joseph Hewes, 17 May, 1776

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      Subject: [Revlist] Working with artillery

      > Dear Lee and Liste,
      > That MAY have been us, but Tom, Barbara & the cannon were the only ones
      from Florida (the rest of us were coming from Tennessee, Indiana, and South
      > By the by, the cannon is in Indiana and is for sale.
      > Liz
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      > From: Lee Bienkowski <bienkows_l@...>
      > Subject: Re: Working with artillery
      > Dear Walter and List:
      > > There was a crew that brought a 3 pdr. on a naval carriage to Camden a
      > > few years, but I haven't seen them in a while. Don't remember who
      > > they were, but they'd put the gun near the redoubt on the Brit side
      > > and use it defensively. I think they were from Florida, they always
      > > left on Sunday morning to go home.
      > That crew was Tommy Lemmons and his bunch from St. Augustine. You are not
      likely to see them again at Camden because last heard from, the cannon was
      in Indiana.
      > Your flammable servant,
      > Lee Bienkowski
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