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Re: [Revlist] Re: Watch Keys

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  • Jay Callaham
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      > Jay:
      > Correct me if I'm wrong, but all the pre-19th century watch keys I've
      > come across consist only a bow (handle) and a hollow shank. *No* bit
      > (the projection on the end of what we usually think of as a "key" that
      > turns the lock mechanism.)

      I agree, none that I 've seen have a "bit" of any kind. Doesn't mean it
      didn't happen, only that I've not seen such. If that was part of the
      description at the beginning of this thread, I missed it.

      > "Taschenuhrschlüssel" (Pocket watch keys) by Kaltenböck/Schwank,
      > published by Nicolaus Günther, Münchenberg, Switzerland in 1982 is sort
      > of the *bible* for watch key collectors, but it doesn't show any with a
      > bit - although it shows many with large, oversized bows that could
      > accomodate miniatures, cameos, "shades", etc.
      > Bottom line - the keys in the copy of the Peale definitely had bits -
      > could they still be watch keys?

      Probably not. But then they could have been for small document boxes or even
      his liquor cellarette. Mr. Washington had married well and so was quite well
      appointed on his campaigns!


      Cm Gds
      4th Coy, Bde of Guards
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